Quiz 11

Quiz 11


Complete the questions and answers. Use the verbs in the box. Use capital letters where necessary.
EXAMPLE: A: How was your vacation?       My vacation? It was fun
1. __________________________________?     We went to New York.

2. __________________________________?     I went with my family.

3. __________________________________?     It was rainy, but warm.

4. __________________________________?     We were there for a week.

5. __________________________________?     
  We saw the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty – all the sights!

6. __________________________________?     
We bought a big camera and clothes for my relatives.


Answer these questions. Use short answers.
1.  Were there any parks near your house?                            Yes, __________.
2.  Was your sister in your party?                                              No, ___________.
3.  Were your parents at home the day before yesterday?    Yes, __________.
4.  Were you on vacation?                                                         No, ___________.
5.  Was your sister the first one in her class?                          Yes, __________.
6.  Were your cousins your best friends?                                No, __________.


Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

          Got a bad sunburn                           got his autograph                             got sick
          Went hiking                                      went on a road trip                          went to see
 I _________________________ (1) a play last weekend. After the show, I            met the lead actor and __________________________ (2).

Yesterday, I__________________________ (3) with my friends. It was great, but it was really hot and sunny. I__________________________ (4).      

I__________________________ (5) across the U.S. with my brother. It was awful. We both __________________________ (6)! We had to stop and stay in bed for three days!        


Read the text carefully.
            George Washington (1732-1799)

He was the first President of the United States. He became President in 1789, eight years after the American War of Independence.

His Early life. George was born in Virginia. His family owned a big farm and had slaves. George didn’t have much education. During his life he had three jobs: he was a farmer, a soldier, and a politician. He loved the life of a farmer. He grew tobacco and owned horses. He worked hard but he also liked dancing and going to the theatre. In 1759 he married a widow called Martha Vustis. They were happy together, but didn’t have any children.

His later life. He was Commander-in-Chief of the Army and fought the British in the War of Independence. When the war ended in 1781 he was happy to go back to the farm, but his country wanted him to be President. Finally, in 1789, he   became President, and gave his name to the new capital City. He started the building of the White House, but he never lived in it. By 1797 he was tired of politics. He went back to his farm and died there two years later.
Answer the following questions according to the reading.
1.       Who was George Washington?
2.       When was he born, and where?
3.       Why did he leave politics?
4.      How old was he when he died?

Quiz 11
Writing NÂș1
Q6.Write four short paragraph about your last vacation. Describe the places you visited, the kind of food you ate, the weather and people you met, et, etc...  Use connectors (because, when, after, before)  and conjunctions (and and but) and grammar and vocabulary you have already learned in the course as well as sequence links like first, next, then, later, after, after that and finally. (Consider between 80 to 100 words)
My last vacation was really __________________________________________

I visited different places. For example, I _________________________________

What about the food? Well, __________________________________________

As a conclusion I would say that my vacation was  ________________________

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