Guide for the Final Exam

Final Exam
From units 6-12
These are the possibilities for the part of the Writing of your final exam.
1.        Write a paragraph about things you did yesterday.


Yesterday. I got up very early and then I went for a run. I came back home and took a cold shower. After that I had breakfast and did my homework.

In the afternoon, after lunch, I went to …

At night I didn’t do too much. I just …  

2.         Write a paragraph about a restaurant you went. Use the simple past of the verb to be and the other verbs. Consider: the restaurant, the service, the servers, the food, the decoration, etc.


“La Rosa Nautica”

La Rosa Náutica is a wonderful restaurant in lima over the sea. The view is nice and you can spend a romantic dinner there.   

Last year I went to La Rosa Nautica with my family. We celebrated my father’s birthday. My brothe Juan ordered some ceviche. He loves it. My mother ordered beef, my father …

The service was …      
3.         Write an e-mail to your friend telling him/ her about your last holiday. Describe the place, hotel, weather, typical things you bought or ate events or activities you enjoyed the most and the least.   


“My Last Holiday”

On my last Holiday I went to …

4.         Write a short paragraph about your last vacation. Use sequence links like first, next, then, after that, finally as well as the connectors, when and because and the conjunctions, and and but.


“My Last Vacation”

On my last vacation I and my family visited “Cañete”. It was my first time there.    …

5.         Write four paragraphs about your last weekend. Use connectors and links.

In the first paragraph: Write two lines for the Introduction
In the second paragraph: Write about your Saturday.
In the third paragraph: Write about your Sunday.
In the fourth or last paragraph write your conclusion   
Review units: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
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