Simple past of To Be

Simple past of “To Be”


FORM:TO BE in the Past Tense - Summary Chart
Was Were - To Be in the past tense

Look at the pictures:

Quiz 11
Q1. Complete the sentences. Use was/wasn’t/were/weren’t. Make true sentences for you.
1.  School __________ wonderful, but the first day I ___________ really scared.
2.  My classmates ____________ really nice.
3.  The teacher _______________ strict.
4.  My parents __________ amazing and lovely.
5.  My first pet ___________ a cat.
6.  My first toy _____________ a big teddy bear.
7.  My best friend ___________ my neighbor.
8.  My grandparents _____________ very kind and friendly with me.
9.  My first trip ____________ to Cuzco
10.  When I ____________five years old my parents baked me a delicious cake. 

Quiz 11
Q2. Asnwer to these questions.
1.    What was your first teacher’s name?
2.    What was your teacher’s like? Was he or she strict?
3.    Was she or he a good teacher?
4.    Who was your best friend in high school?
5.    What was he/she like?
6.    Were you a member of any clubs?
Q3. Make up the questions.

1.    ________________________________________________________?
I was 16 years old.
2.    ________________________________________________________?
Yes, I was. I was very nervous.
3.    ________________________________________________________?
No, They weren’t. They were my uncles and my aunts.  
4.    ________________________________________________________?
They were in Cuzco.
5.    ________________________________________________________?
Yes, it was. It was very easy.
6.    ________________________________________________________?
They were very friendly.
7.    ________________________________________________________?
It was delicious.
8.    ________________________________________________________?
No, they weren’t.  They were in Europe.
9.    ________________________________________________________?
Yes, she was. But she was nice.

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