Quiz 8

Quiz Unit 8

GRAMMAR: Answer the questions. Use short answers.
1. Do you have to wear a suit to work?                                     Yes, ______
2. Does your mother have to wear a uniform every day?        No,  ______
3. Are you working today?                                                         Yes,______
4. Is your grandfather calling from home?                               No,  ______

GRAMMAR: Circle the correct alternative.      

1.  What’s your favourite thing _______________.
           a) wear                    b) wearing                 c) to wear      d) wears
2.  Why do people __________ to shop online?
           a) hating       b) hates         c) hated       d)  hate
3. ______ you __________ near a mall or shopping centre/center?
           a) Do/living             b) Are/living              c) Do/ live                  d) Does/live
4. I don’t ______________ wear jeans all the time.
           a) like                       b) likes                       c) like to                     d) to like
5. _____ you ________ buy new clothes for your sister’s birthday party?
        a) Do - need   b) Do - need to         c) Does - need         d) Do - needing

GRAMMAR: Complete the conversation. Use the words in parentheses.

Example: A: What ________________ (you / like) wear to the movies?
            B: Well, I usually ______________________  casual clothes.

  1.     A: What kinds of clothes __________________(you/like to/ wear) to work?
      B: Actually, I _______________________ (have to / wear) a uniform.

  2.     A: I need to go shopping today. _________________ (you/ need to / buy) anything at the mall?
      B: Yeah, I _______________________ (want to / get) a couple of things.   Let’s meet after class.

  3.     A: _____________________ (your teacher / have to / wear) a suit to work?
      B: No, he doesn’t. But he _____________________ (have to / look) good.

GRAMMAR: Unscramble the words to make up questions or sentences.
EXAMPLES:           Where are your siblings going today?  
  (siblings / where / your / today /go)        

Do you have to go shopping this week?
(this / shopping / go / to / do / have / week / you /?)

1.     ________________________________________________________ 
  ( don’t / to / jeans / I / want / buy )

2.     ________________________________________________________ 
  (I /some / that / know / I /comfortable / t-shirts / need / but / are / shirts )

3.     ________________________________________________________
      (to / servers / a / have / uniform / waiters / and / wear)

4.     ______________________________________________________?
(stores / want /to / to / which / go /you  )

5. _______________________________________________________?
     (money/siblings /want /a /on/ your  /to/siblings /lot /spend /of /clothes)

VOCABULARY: Complete the sentences with the words in the box. There are two extra words.

highheels – Internet - cash- running – a backpack – dress - a coat – jeans – a suit and tie – karate – tennis  - time – expensive – online


1.       Do you have ___________ to shop during the week?
2.       When you shop _______, you don’t spend time with friends. You’re alone.
3.    I don’t like to shop online because I don’t like to go on the ____________.
4.       I need to buy ____________________ for school. I have a lot of books.
5.       I have to dress up for work. I usually wear _______________________.
6.       I like to shop online because the __________ aren’t expensive.
7.       Joe is tired after work. He just wants to go home and put on __________.
8.       It’s cold this winter. I need to buy ___________________.
9.       My sister is doing _____________ at school this year.
10.  My wife usually goes _____________ in the park on weekends.
11.  I don’t lie to shop online because I like to pay ___________.
12.  Excuse me. How much is that _____________?


Read the poster and then check the 4 true statements. If you mark wrongly it will be discounted less 0.5 each. 

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You can enjoy delicious food from many different countries! Students in the International Club are making dishes like spicy Mexican seafood, hot Italian pizza, and Vietnamese noodles with vegetables. Or try wonderful desserts. We have specialties like tofu ice cream or sweet, sticky rice. Even picky eaters can find something good. 

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Come join us for fun and food: 11: 30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 

5 The food fair is in the cafeteria.
5 Students are cooking a lot of different dishes.
5 They’re serving Italian noodles and Mexican pizza.
5 You can try rice ice cream.
5 The food fair is good for picky eaters.
5 The money from the food fair goes to the International Club.
5 The food fair prices are expensive.
5 Lunch is only $3.
5 The lunch starts at 11:30 p.m.
5 The lunch finishes at 1:00 p.m.

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