Frequency Adverbs versus Time Expressions

Frequency adverbs and time expressions
( simple present of the other verbs)
  Outcome:   By the end of the lesson you will be able to use the frequency adverbs and the  time expressions with the simple present tense.

Some families watch TV when they eat dinner. Does your family eat in front of the TV?

Study these Information questions:

Where does Susan go on the weekend?
How often do you eat out?
When does your little brother do his homework?
Who do you study with?

Frequency adverbs can be placed at various points in the sentence, but are most commonly used before the main verbs and after be verbs. Examples:

1. I always study in the mornings. 
2. Sara is usually late for her classes.
3. Jack sometimes watches  cartoons on TV.

What's the name of your favourite TVshow?

Does your family watch TV? What do they watch? Why? 

I like cartoons because they make me laugh. 

My sister hates talk shows because they are boring.

Now you continue...

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