Quiz 10

Quiz 10


Complete the questions and answers. Use the verbs in the box. Use capital letters where necessary.
buy     -     see    -    have    -    make  ü   -     write     -    do/watch     -      go 
A: Did  you  make a lot of phone calls this weekend?
B: Yes, I did. I made about eight or nine calls.
1.     A: __________ you ____________ a piano lesson yesterday?
B: No, I ___________, but I ____________ a karate lesson.
2.     A: ________ your sister __________ to the party with you?
B: No, _____________. She ___________ with Rick.
3.     A: ________ you and your siblings___________ a present for your mother?
B: Yes, ___________. We ____________ a beautiful scarf.
4.     A: ________ Sara’s brother __________ his report last night?
B: Yes, _____________. He ___________  his report after dinner.
5.     A: __________ you ____________ anything interesting last weekend?
B: No, I ___________. I only ____________ the news on TV.
6.     A: ________ your children __________ a movie on Saturday night?
B: No, _____________. They ___________ a movie on Friday afternoon.


Choose the correct alternative.
1.   I didn’t bought / buy / buying some books this morning.
2.   My brother met / meet / meets Jhon last weekend.
3.   My cousin think /thinks / thought my volleyball team would win.
4.   My daughter puts / put / putting her luggage in the living room a while ago. 


Answer the questions about you.
E.g.  What did you do last Saturday night?             I went out with some friends.
1.  Where did you go yesterday?     _____________________________________
2.  What kind of clothes did you buy recently?     ___________________________
3.  Who did you have breakfast with this morning? _________________________
4.  What did you have for lunch yesterday?_______________________________


Answer the questions about you.
E.g.  Did you study for the exam yesterday?          Yes I did. I studied Math .
1. _______________________? No, I didn’t. I went to the supermarket.
2.   _______________________? Yes, she did. She came to my house at 11:00 p.m.
3. _______________________? They travelled to Cuzco.
4. _______________________? I saw a great movie.


Complete the sentences and questions. Use each word or expression in the box only once.
bargain - last - ago - CDs - bill - busy - night - work -  everything - yesterday
1. I got a ________________ today. I saved $ 200.
2. I worked late every day ____________ week.
3. I had a piano lesson two weeks _______.
4. I bought some ______ the other day.
5. I had a ________ week last month.
6. I put some notes on the refrigerator yesterday ________.
7. I met Kawaka after  __________ .
8. Did you just try to remember _______________?
9. I paid the _________ the day before yesterday.


Complete the sentences. Use the simple past.
1.    stay

11. clean

2.    visit

12. exercise

3.    cook

13. check

4.    watch

14. chat

5.    play

15. practice

6.    study

16. talk

7.    listen

17. need

8.    invite

18. want

9.    call

19. wait

10.      rent

20. remember


Write the past of the following verbs.
1.    see

11. read

2.    have

12. meet

3.    go

13. think

4.    do

14. wake

5.    eat

15. get up

6.    take

16. fall

7.    make

17. feel

8.    speak

18. come

9.    write

19. leave

10.      buy

20. write


Complete the sentences. Use the simple past.
1. On Sunday, my best friend _________ (see) a good movie on TV. She _____________ (no/see) a play in the theater.
2. My father _____________ (buy) a new jacket last Sunday. He ____________ (no/buy) a pair of shoes.
3. I _______ (have) a terrible vacation in Hawaii. I _______________ (no/have) fun.  
4. I ___________ (pass) all my exams. I _____________ (no/fail) anyone.
5. I ___________ (start) a great new job last month.
6. My aunt ____________ (clean) the house, ________ (do) the laundry, and ___________ (make) dinner last Saturday.

READING. Read the story carefully.
 A FUNNY THING HAPPENED TO MY SISTER TINA LAST MONTH. She lives in Japan and teaches English. In Japan, people don’t usually wear their outdoor shoes in the house or in school. So her school, like a lot of buildings, has a special place for shoes-a shoe box.
Tina teaches English in the evening. One Friday, she went to school, and she put her shoes in the shoe box-as usual. After class, she got ready to leave, but her shoes weren’t in the box. There was only one pair of shoes there, and they weren’t her shoes! But she needed to get home, so she put on the shoes and left.
On Monday, at her next English class, her shoes were in a shopping bag on her desk! There was a note that said, “I’m so sorry. I took your shoes by mistake!” But here was no name on the note. Somebody was very embarrassed!
Answer the following questions according to the reading.
1.      When does Tina teach English?
2.      Where did Tina put her shoes on Friday?
3.      After class, how many pairs of shoes were in the box?
4.      Where did she find her shoes on Monday?

Quiz 10
Writing Nº1
Q6. Write four short paragraphs about your last weekend. Use connectors (because, when, after, before)  and conjunctions (and and but) and grammar and vocabulary you have already learned in the course as well as sequence links like first, next, then, etc. etc. (consider between 80 to 100 words)
My last weekend was really interesting. I _________________________________________

On Saturday I ___________________________________________________________

On Sunday I ____________________________________________________________

I think my last weekend was ________________________________________________

Quiz 10
Writing Nº2
Q6. Write about things you did last weekend. Think of answers to the questions below: What time did you get up? Where did you have breakfast? Did you study? Did you do your homework? Did you watch TV? What did you watch? …  (80 words)
Last Saturday in the morning I _____________________________________________

In the afternoon I ________________________________________________________

In the evening I I come back home, and took a shower. After that I had something to eat and watched the News on TV for 30 minutes approximately. Next I did my French homework, but I couldn’t finish with that because I was very tired. Finally I went to sleep.   

On Sunday I didn’t do too much. I went to the mass with my family in the morning, and then we had lunch in a restaurant near my house. In the afternoon I watch TV for two hours,  and after that I did my homework. I had a cup of milk and a package of  cookies for dinner and then I went to my bedroom to read. I fell asleep at about 11:00 p.m.        

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