Simple Past Tense of the other verbs




Practice your Simple past tense
1.   I  Adam and her sister two days ago.
2.   They  the jumping race last year.
3.    We  basketball last week.
4.    May  a new cassette recorder last month.
5.  He  a fish yesterday.
6.     Mr. Chan  the music club two years ago.
7.   Ben  in the United States in the past.
8.     at the hospital two hour ago.
9.    It  heavily last night.
10.   We  Rose in town a few days ago.
11.    We to the cinema three times last week.
12.   Tom  his key yesterday.
13.   She a lot of work last night.
14.    Peter  home after the party last night.
15.     Ann  television a lot when she was ill last year.
16.    They  their grandfather two days before.
17.     Tommy  me fifty dollars yesterday.
18.       John in the park last week.
19.      Susan  well yesterday.
20.     It  Dad birthday yesterday.

Look at the pictures and say each action verb


Yesterday Monday, I ________ up very early, but I __________ (not – get) up until 6:30 am. At 7:00, I ______ (take)   a shower, and immediately I __________ dressed. I  __________ the news on TV for thirty minutes, and then I ________ breakfast. I _________  to work and later in the afternoon I __________ some business classes. I ______________ (not- have) lunch. I ___________ back home, and _____________ a huge dinner. Later, I ________ my homework for about an hour, and after that I ___________ to bed.  I _______________ (finish) the day very tired.      

The auxiliary for the simple past tense is "did" 
Affirmative sentence
V(past) + C.
 I did my homework yesterday.
Negative sentence
Did + not + V(b.f.) + C.
Sue didn't eat anything today.
Yes/no question
Did +V(b.f.) + C?
Did you go to Cibertec on Monday? 
Information question
Wh-word +Did +V(b.f.) + C?
What did you see last night? 
Where S” is the subject, V” is the verb, “b.f”. is the base form, and C” is the complement.

List of regular verbs
Write your own sentences.Use but. The pictures above can help. 

Example: My sister didn't have lunch, but she had a huge breakfast at home.
  1. _____________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________
  4. ______________________________________________________
  5. _____________________________________________________
  6. ______________________________________________________
Past time expressions.
Answer to these questions. Do it orally.
1.   Did you go out the day before yesterday?
2.     Did you visit an interesting museum last month?
3.   Did you see your friends last weekend?
4.     Did you go to the gym yesterday?
5.   Did you make a lot of phone calls last week?
6.     Did you have to study a lot on Monday?
7.   Did you go to a concert last month?
8.     Did you see any movies last weekend?
9.   Did you go out last weekend?
10.    Did you read a good book last month?
11. Did you cook dinner last night?
12.    Did you get up early yesterday?
13. Did you go to bed late last Friday?
14.    Did you go shopping yesterday afternoon?
15. Did you take  an exercise class two days ago?
16.    Did you do the laundry three weeks ago?
17. Did your family take a trip last year?
18.    Did you have  a lot of free time last week?
19. Did you make any phone calls last night?
20.    Did you meet any new people last month?

Make up questions
EXAMPLE: A: What sport did your friend play yesterday?
He played tennis.
1.   __________________________________________________________?
No, I didn’t. But I watched the news. 

2.   __________________________________________________________?
Yes, they did. They went to the movies and saw a good film.
3.   __________________________________________________________?
No, he didn’t. But he studied for his English exam.  
4.   __________________________________________________________?
Yes, I did. And I also met someone interesting. 
5.   __________________________________________________________?
I bought a sweater and a nice t-shirt.
6.   __________________________________________________________?

They went to a party.

7. ___________________________________________________?
        No, he didn't. But he had a huge breakfast.     

8. ___________________________________________________?             
       Yes, she did and she also did her homewor.

9. ___________________________________________________?
        They went to England, and spent a nice time together.    

10. ___________________________________________________?             

         We  played in the park and then went back home. 

Circle the correct word

      1.    I had / did / climbed a piano lesson two days ago.
      2.    Sara’s best friend went / took / heard a math exam yesterday morning.
      3.    My father heard / read/ went on vacations last year.
      4.    Did you write / wrote / writes. A report or paper?
      5.    Did you had / have / has an interview last weekend?
      6.    I worked / work / works late every night last week. 

Write about things you did last weekend. Think of answers to the questions below: 
What time did you get up? Where did you have breakfast? Did you study? 
Did you do your homework?
Did you watch TV? What did you watch?
                                                            …  (60 words)
In the morning I _________________________________________________

In the afternoon I _______________________________________________

In the evening___________________________________________________

Ask someone these questions. Answer your partner's questions, and ask similar questions to continue the conversation.
  1. What did you do yesterday? ________________________
  2. Did you watch TV? ________________________________
  3. What did you have for breakfast? ____________________
  4. What time did you go to bed? _______________________